Francisco Dao writes, “If you listen to the advocates of online learning, MOOCs and Internet-based courses will cure all of our education problems. Just hand out some Android tablets, stream some courses in Python, and sit back and watch as everyone magically becomes a highly productive knowledge worker propelling the United States to new heights of economic prosperity. But this vision of online learning is so ridiculous I’m waiting for Ricardo Montalban to show up in a white suit and welcome these people to Fantasy Island.”

I have no idea what wretched organization he’s referring to, or what e-learning professional would ever recommend handing out toys and expect results. 

I’ve written time and time again the critical need for, at the very least, the ADDIE model when considering any new learning initiative (academic or industry).  There is an incredible level of upfront analysis that Dao seems to have never experienced.  The modality of instruction is merely one of the questions an e-learning practitioner considers when designing and developing instruction – and any practitioner who only sees the bells and whistles of a tablet PC is in the wrong field.