I stumbled across this blog from a retweet.

I’ll admit, I thought the whole mobile thing was going to be a passing fad. I didn’t even have a cell phone in high school, nor did I start texting until after college. (My 17-year-old niece probably thinks I’m a dinosaur.) It wasn’t too long ago that I picked up an iPad and an iPhone, and the designer in me became enamored with the possibilities.

The universities in this blog piece were focusing more on small steps to move into the mobile sphere. Accessing courses and grades on your phone and mobile newspapers are definitely innovative. But what Bangladesh Open University is doing is phenomenal: “One method utilized in its classrooms blends SMS with TV and/or radio for a multimedia experience encouraging digital discussion while soaking up recorded lessons.”

More and more universities are realizing the benefits of moving classes online. These 10 universities have demonstrated the value of adding mobile into the mix.